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Allow support for HSRP in Failover

Current failover requires a heartbeat connection between the 2 Smoothwalls where they share all the same settings including IP addresses.
When updating and some other Scenarios, a term used by Support called "Split Brain" happens, this is when the Failover believes the Master went down as it didn't respond to ping for a small period of time and tries to take control, then the Master sends the signal to the Failover to enter standby while the Failover is half way through starting and causes some services to be active and some to be down, all while both boxes are fighting for control.

My Feature request is to implement HSRP (Hot Standby Routing Protocol) where both Smoothwalls can share a Virtual IP as well as have their own individual ip on the network ( and for example), then if the Master goes down, the Standby(s) can then take control of the virtual ip.

On the Master, you could have a section where you specify...
The Nic in which the Virtual IP can sit.
The Virtual IP.
All the IP's of the Standbys (can have multiple instead of the current system which only allows for one).
Specify which of the IP's is currently in control of the Virtual IP.
Can order which Smoothwall takes control. (closest one first to the previously live box for example)

This could tag onto the current central management section where we are replicating out settings and be able to monitor all of their statuses and apply updates from one location.
This would also stop the need for a directly connected Heartbeat cable.
This would also stop the split brain scenario because they could all be active on their unique IP's (and not fighting each other for control) and receiving updates from the current Master, but specified which one is currently live with the Virtual IP.

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    HSRP is Cisco proprietary. You would need to use VRRP instead.

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